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  • corrupt children - f. nietzche
    "The surest way to corrupt a youth is to teach him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think differently." -F. Nietzche
  • timid men-Thomas Jefferson
    "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

  • "...belief is the cradle of myth." -Stephen King

  • "One's life shrinks or expands according to one's courage." -Ana├»s Nin

  • Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow that "talent" to the dark place where it leads. ~Erica Jong


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I found this on Ain't Done It, who got it from Acidman

Name: Alicia
Nickname: Al, Little Nemo, Eeya
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Age: 36 until Nov 2004
Occupation: software developer
Birthplace: Denton, Home of Happiness
Marital status: not
How many children: four cats, one dog, 4 fish.
Do you drink (alcohol): rarely, but red wine and sometimes beer when I do
Do you smoke: Only when I think too hard
Favorite outdoor activities: bonfires (small), camping, drum circles, having coffee on the back porch while watching the rain
Favorite indoor activities: reading, writing, dinner with friends, well look at the interests list :) I really want to learn to play guitar
Favorite colors: green, purple
Favorite type of music: Folk, guitar (Spanish and fingerstyle), Big Band (new and old), really anything but some country and death metal. But they have their times to be listened to.
Favorite musical groups/performers: Sting, The Who (and all their peers), Rasputina, Shrodinger's Cat, um....the list changes and morphs with my moods
Do you play an instrument: not well. guitar, piano, cello
What kind of guitar do you play: acoustic Yamaha classical, acoustic Goya, and an acoustic-electric Ovation 12 string
Have you ever gone skinny-dipping: yup
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up: Samantha Stevens. Or a writer.
What would be your dream job now: independently wealthy patron and studier of the arts. Oh, and really an editor for DC Comics or one of the subsidiaries. Marvel or Mad Magazine would be cool too.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Nope
Places you'd most like to visit: The list of places I don't want to visit is smaller. First stop would be France-Rennes 'le Chateau. Take a Templars tour also...
Your first car: 1979 beige VW Rabbit
Dream car: 1963 Beetle, 1961 Impala convertible, school bus (custom painted), 1965 Cadillac hearse, VW minibus, Cooper Mini, for starters.
Car you Drive now: 2002 PT Cruiser....Silver
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Favorite hobbies: bellydancing, writing, reading
Favorite sport to play: solitaire
Favorite sport to watch: Football, Baseball
Least favorite sport to watch: golf
Most humiliating moment: I am not easily humiliated, but perhaps when my mother was waddling to me in the parking lot of the movie theater, finger held high, squeaking "E.T. phone home!"
Do you have any siblings: One older brother
Do you get along with your parents: Now I do
Favorite place to chill: bed. oh or the porch when I think about it.
Favorite place to visit: family in Kansas at Christmas
What is your bad time of day: right after the alarm goes off. and 2:30 pm while at work.
What is your good time of day: Twilight (of course...)
Favorite flower/plant: most any. I love gardening.
Favorite subject in school: Latin
Least favorite subject in school: History. I didn't appreciate it till later in life when I could see the relevance. Now I love it.
Favorite authors: Christopher Moore, Anais Nin. the list is huge.
Favorite book genre: reference, fantasy, humor, mystery. dang, almost anything.
Favorite book: Alice in Wonderland, even after all these years.
Current book I'm reading: Check the booklist on the main page.
Favorite magazine: Bust, Natural Home, New Yorker
Favorite movie of all time: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
Other favorite movies: The Point, Hudson Hawk, Nightmare Before Christmas, Singing in the Rain, Mame, sheesh, too many to list
Favorite actors/actresses: Johnny Depp, Dustin Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Katherine Hepburn, Stockard Channing
Favorite cartoon character: Dexter, hmmm.
Favorite food: Mac 'n Cheese, spiced up the way I do.
Chocolate or Vanilla: yes
Favorite alcoholic Drink: Mudslide, red wine, Kahlua and milk or coffee or chocolate shakes.
What is your bedtime: inconsistent
Worst enemies: none that I know of
Interesting fact about your childhood: I loved small places and would hide in the dryer.
The first thing you think of in the morning: what was I dreaming and can I go back to sleep?
Favorite thing to do when you're home alone: read, surf the internet
Things that make you feel good: Halloween parties, music jams with friends, teaching anyone how to do anything, figuring something out
Things you don't like: intolerance, hatred acted out against someone, watching something die painfully.
Worst feeling in the world: Watching someone in pain and knowing you can't help them.
Scariest feeling in the world: Fessing up to a mistake I made, hurting people's feelings
Best feeling in the world: making people happy.
Do you get motion sickness: not normally
Roller Coasters - Deadly or Exciting: both :)
Thunderstorms - Cool or Scary: Very Cool
Pen or Pencil: both. Pen for writing in journals, pencils for drawing and crosswords (I'm not good enough to use a pen). There is just something about a freshly sharpened pencil that is
Do you like to drive: usually. except when someone wants to tell me how to drive while I am driving, or make snide comments
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: only when I overfeed them.
Did you have imaginary friends or a blanket as a child: No, I lived inside my own head and that was interesting enough. Come to think of it, I still do.
What is on the walls of your room: bookshelves
What words or phrases do you overuse: frankly..., basically...., in my opinion...
Coolest things anyone ever gave you: a trip to London
How would you characterize your political leanings: Libertarian, I think, with left and right leanings depending on the issue at hand
If you could pick one super-human power, what would you choose: Just one? :( flying.


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