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October 30, 2003

destruction by fire

Everyone knows there are fires blazing in the West right now. People losing houses, homes, lives. I found this at Tequila Mockingbird. A personal account. I wanted to cry. I wanted to go put a blanket around her shoulders and tell her things would be taken care of. I wanted to...well just read her story.

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Thanks for posting that. I couldn't read it all any more than she could look at the photos of the burning houses. The dog thing did me in. I used to always worry when I left my house that it would burn down with my dogs in it, that I'd have forgotten to turn off the stove or the iron or something. As it turns out, my last dog died peacefully at home 5 months ago - just got old.

The post was also good to remind me to be thankful for what I have. My income has been terrible for the past two years (I work for myself and the economy just sucks). I was feeling very bad for myself this afternoon. But a have a roof over my head, food to eat, all the necessities -- and then some. My heart goes out to those who don't.

Posted by: Leslee at Oct 30, 2003 3:54:53 PM

thanks very much for reading, and for your kind thoughts. this post wasn't the easiest to write, and knowing that it has been read is very rewarding.

thanks again....

Posted by: julia at Oct 30, 2003 10:23:25 PM

Many thanks for the get-well wishes. I seem to be doing better this morning. Here's hoping it lasts.

Posted by: David at Oct 31, 2003 9:30:30 AM

I must admit that the bit about the dog really tugged on me as well. The idea of the neighbor walking up to the door with a sledgehammer in an attempt to rescue the poor pooch gave me that tingly feeling inside. It's good to know that the idea of having neighbors who care still exists.

And about the BNL, I'd have to say Stunt is my favorite record. I'm not overly familiar with their entire catalog, but the blending of really odd and in some cases goofy lyrics with beautiful melodies and harmonies makes me a fan of that record.

Posted by: Joe at Oct 31, 2003 11:38:55 AM