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October 30, 2003

which is which?

Don't believe everything you read.

There is currently a conflict between riverbendblog.blogspot.com, an Iraqi woman, and riverSbendblog.blogspot.com, a 70 year old Republican activist who is copying Riverbend's blog and changing the message. The theory is that the Riversbend blogger hopes to mislead people seeking Riverbend to come to his site instead, because he so thoroughly disagrees with what the Iraqi woman is saying. On a quick glance you might not realize you were on the wrong site.

But don't take my word for it. Bending Truth has a weblog dedicated to this "blog war" and shows how posts can be back-dated to appear they were written earlier than they were. John Gorenfeld reports on this and appears to have also solved some of the mystery. I have found no website or information defending riversbendblog in this matter.

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Thanks for the info links!
I saw a reference to this on Boots on the Ground a couple of days ago and didn't know what was going on. Wow. I shouldn't be amazed, and yet...

Posted by: Ana at Oct 30, 2003 8:29:04 AM

Oh my god! How bizarre!

Posted by: Wendy at Oct 30, 2003 11:37:55 AM

I see no conflict. I see an child at Bending Truth making an ass of himself.

Posted by: Ruth at Nov 15, 2003 7:42:00 AM

Mother! Must you always embarrass me in front of my friends!

Posted by: Brian AtBendingTruth at Nov 21, 2003 11:31:42 AM