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November 20, 2003

all I want for Christmas is...

Do I even want to know why I showed up on a more than one Google of "vampire dawn of civilization"? :)

As promised, the first of the l337 t00lz from the Wired Christmas list. I want this one. A lot. This one too. The former was on page 132 of the December Wired and can be found at the Discovery Store online. The latter I saw when I looked for the DNA sequencer. Way cool. Better than the stuff from when I was a kid.

I wonder how much the real ones are?

addendum: I think the DNA sequencer would be much cooler if it was a DNA replicator or recombinator (or is that recombiner?) I did DNA sequencing in college, and after so many times it gets old, whereas you can get something new with recombinant DNA every time! Build your own golem, and not the LOTR type.

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