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November 04, 2003

precession of the equinoxes

Here is a list of dates for the precession of the ages. I have found sources that say Mithraism was present from the first century CE till the 3d-4th century CE. This is obviously not the same time we think of as the Arian age. This article says the Mithraians (?) might have thought they were still in the age of Aries when the religion was in its infancy.
The Apis bull cult of Egypt appears to have been in existance from around 3100 BCE to around 525 BCE. That straddles the end of the age of Taurus and the beginning of the age of Aries. Amum, the ram-headed god, was revered from around 1600 BCE, and I haven't found a date on the end of that age yet.

So while some comparisons could be drawn, and perhaps overall energies favored certain archetypes at any given time, it is hard to say there is a verifiable correlation. This is from what I have investigated in a short amount of time. If anyone cares to produce some evidence to make the case one way or another, I would love to hear it.

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