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December 03, 2003

movie time

In the comments of the intermission post we moved from alcohol that cheers us to movies. I am compiling a list of movies that would cheer me up when I am blue, and asked for any suggestions. Jon at Snowblink says:"Happy Gilmore, Charlie's Angels, Spaced (http://www.spaced-out.org.uk/), Empire Records, Dogma..."
My initial list started with Nightmare Before Christmas and Mame (the Lillian Russell version).

I used to host a movie night once a month, and who got to pick the movies rotated through my friends. We would watch 2-3 movies that night. It was a great time. I really need to start that back up. What are your suggestions to watch to cheer me up or play for movie night?

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Oh this is good, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Balls (VERY VERY stupid but funny none-the-less. Umm... Nicholas Nikelby very good movie! :)

Posted by: Andrew at Dec 3, 2003 2:18:19 PM


Posted by: Andrew at Dec 3, 2003 2:18:38 PM

"The Princess Bride"...one of the best feelgood movies ever!

Posted by: Keith at Dec 3, 2003 4:15:42 PM

1. Tommy Boy
2. Office Space
3. The Matchmaker (I so love that cheesy movie!)
4. The Bourne Identity (mmm, I love me some Matt Damon!)
5. Ocean's Eleven (it's just fun and slick and full of gorgeous men!)
6. South Park DVDs (ok, that might not count!)

or pretty much anything where I can turn my brain "off" and just sit back and enjoy the ride. If they can make me laugh, that's a big plus too, especially if I'm "blue".

Posted by: Kristi at Dec 3, 2003 6:17:07 PM

Big Lebowski

How can you not feel good knowing that The Dude abides?

Posted by: Soulless at Dec 3, 2003 6:35:35 PM

Snatch. It tops my list and has Brad Pitt playing a genius character. If you haven't seen it go rent it this weekend. It's funny, ironic, and really well shot.

Office Space is definitely high on my list, as is the Big Lebowski. For a riot during the holidays I'd suggest National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It's the best film from the series (don't even bother with anything made after 89), and probably one of the best holiday movies out there.

Start that movie night up again, I do it by myself a few times a month when I have something good from Netflix. It's just a great time to relax, unwind, and acts as a great excuse for pizza and beer.

Posted by: Joe at Dec 3, 2003 10:00:01 PM

These are all great movies. Some I haven't seen yet, but are now on the list. How weird would it be, Joe, to have a long-distance movie night? Eh, wouldn't be the same as in person, but I guess it would end up like a book club where people discuss the movie they all saw that weekend.

Pirates of the Carribean came out yesterday and is waiting for me to watch it again and again. I love Office Space, of course. It is like watching Dilbert as a movie, there is too much to identify with :) The Princess Bride is classic too.

I am ashamed to say I haven't seen The Big Lewbowski. Perhaps it should pre-empt my swashbuckling Johnny Depp. Speaking of Johnny, has anyone seen Chocolat or The Ninth Gate?

Posted by: Alicia at Dec 3, 2003 11:13:40 PM

There's a trio of mid-late '80's downward-mobility transformation fairy tales that I view as cinematic serotonin: Desperately Seeking Susan, Married to the Mob, and Baby Boom.

For somewhat less "chick-flick"y choices, I'd return to more Tim Burton: Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, and Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

Posted by: Chan S. at Dec 4, 2003 5:13:00 AM

I like romantic comedies for this purpose - My Best Friend's Wedding, Overboard (Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell - love it!). Or - Anne of Green Gables. Any Audrey Hepburn movie. Around this time of year - Bing Crosbie - Bells of St Mary's is a favourite. The Sound of Music. Sometime something sad and touching cheer me us - Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias.

Posted by: Wendy at Dec 4, 2003 7:35:26 AM

Alicia- I have Chocolat and it's great! Magical, funny, romantic and it has Johnny Depp in it, my soulful love god!!! It's a wonderful little movie :)

Posted by: Kristi at Dec 4, 2003 8:20:02 AM

One of the things I look for when I am blue is powerful "I am woman, hear me roar" movies. Okay, not so melodramatic, but anything with a strong female in it. I get strength from that. Like a Katherine Hepburn movie. Or Tank Girl :)

Posted by: Alicia at Dec 4, 2003 9:57:26 AM

Chick flicks? O_o

Posted by: Andrew at Dec 4, 2003 1:44:31 PM

Ones I forgot to mention:
Grosse Pointe Blank
Whale Rider - bit of a rollercoaster this one
Miyazaki films

Posted by: jon at Dec 4, 2003 4:12:02 PM