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December 14, 2003

Saddam captured, film at 11

Saddam has been captured, with nary a shot fired says the MSNBC report. I am still surfing the web for other breaking news and people's reactions. Some say the Dean camp is upset, which I doubt, because it means bad news for his campaign. The politcal communities are abuzz, and I will try to get some entries from both left and right here for you to read soon. After coffee. Must have coffee. Went on a rescue mission of some friends who had too much drink and not enough gas around 4 this morning. So yes, coffee, then analysis of the Saddam capture. I for one am thrilled, and hope this means that the little soldiers will give up now that their chief is gone. I also hope this means we can bring our own troops home soon. What a great Christmas present that would be. We will see. Meanwhile, The Captain has much commentary and many links on the whole affair.

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