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February 20, 2004

I'm an over-achiever

look how quickly I fall into spending days on the internet now that I am not working. Oh wait, how is that any different than before?

This is a wierd little game, and I bet billy hasn't even seen it yet. Nyah, nyah :) You add pieces on the sides into the grow part of the ball and get points and bonus levels. The end is cool. Mind-numbing fun, that's all this is. It makes a wierd noise, too.

via b3ta, again

for one solution, keep reading.

drag these into the grow orb in this order: box, tube, orange ball, ladder, egg, mountain, fan, cog, cyclone, dish, black ring then TV screen

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Weeeeird. I think I get it now.

Posted by: pam at Feb 20, 2004 3:30:42 PM