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February 06, 2004

is it rude in here, or is it me?

We went to Fuddrucker's for lunch today and I got a crazy cashier who had just graduated from the DMV* school of bad service.

I walk up still undecided about what I am ordering. There was no line, after all, so no time to take a quick menu peek.

CC: Have you been here before?
Me: Yes.
CC: What would you like?
Me: (hesitating and looking at menu for..oh...10 seconds) um...
CC: C'mon, you're holding up the line!
Me: You're serious?
CC: Yeah (possibly he was kidding, but still!)
Me: Oh, then I will just stay right here for a while.
(Glaring-staring contest ensues. He's giving me the evil eye. I probably am returning it. Pretty funny to watch this go on between a 5 ft tall woman and a 6'X" tall man/boy. The staring goes on for almost a full minute.)
Me: I'll have the chopped steak
CC: Platter?
Me: yes.
CC: Baked potato, fries or onion rings?
(having ordered this before and been here several times I answer:)
Me: I would like to substitute that for an extra salad.
CC: It comes with a salad
Me: yes, I know. I don't want the potatoes. Could you substitute an extra salad?
CC: You get a choice of baked potato, fries or onion rings, then a choice of cole slaw or baked beans. It comes with a salad. Do you want cole slaw or baked beans?
Me: Slaw
CC: and do you want baked potato, fries or...
Me: I don't want any of those. Just the extra salad.
CC: Ok. Chopped steak platter, slaw, extra salad. So how has your day been?
Me: (very puzzled) um, okay....
CC: ..until I stared you down.
Me: (smiling with an evil eye) I'm not afraid of you.
CC: Well have a nice day.
Me: You too.

I wonder why this is the first time the manager didn't come by our table to see if everything was okay...

*Julia has had a terrible time with the Georgia DMV lately.

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That's hilarious. I thought people in the South were supposed to be less rude than they are here in the Northeast.

Posted by: Leslee at Feb 6, 2004 1:07:36 PM

They usually are very nice there. I was floored. I hope he was just kidding, but I don't think his manager would appreciate that humor.

I suppose I really didn't help matters much. I was just in no mood to be pushed around.

Posted by: Alicia at Feb 6, 2004 1:15:11 PM

Whoa, Alicia! The seventh level may be appropriate for you after all ...

Posted by: pam at Feb 6, 2004 1:26:37 PM