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May 20, 2004

barefoot and...still job hunting

I have discovered the secret to being a dominatrix. It's the shoes, and not for the reason you might think.

I spent today at a job fair in a pair of not-too-high heels and a suit. Granted, as a tech I don't stand on my feet a lot, and certainly not in high heels on a regular basis. My feet are angry now, and letting me know. If I had to wear those spiky, pointy dominatrix heels for long, I'd be ready to whip the men who find them attractive too.

MSN says the high here today is 87. It's hot and humid and feels stickly-icky. When I got home from applying to every job I was qualified for, I participated in a time-honored Texas tradition - standing in the kitchen in your underwear eating ice cream out of the carton. Yeah, pretty sad I know. Bonus points if you leave the freezer door open. It's not even as hot today as it will get in a few weeks. We average 100-110 most summer days. I am not sure I can take a job where I have to wear a suit, hose and heels every day. There had better be air conditioning, that's all I'm saying.

There were actually some good job prospects. My favorite was with the DISD, and the job is an IT job. I would be sent to the various elementary schools to help teachers teach the kids how to use computers. If these kids are anything like my nephew, they will be teaching me. "No, Miss Alicia, you have to define your variables or the computer doesn't know how to read what you wrote!" Yes, dear. You are right. How old are you? Seven? Want a job? Maybe if you wear platforms...

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lol Hope you find one soon. Your nephew sounds like my nephew Yvon. He's barely 6 or 7 and he's interested in anatomy. 'Asked his parents to buy him an anatomy book a few years ago, and he began downloading computer games/programs at around the same time...

Posted by: Rose at May 25, 2004 12:44:40 PM