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July 20, 2004

Oooh, dearie me!

Several things to talk about, and no time (as Graham Norton likes to say).

No time to talk about Ahnuld and his girlie men comment. I am still working on what I think about this. I think Schwarzenegger was just stupid to make the comment, but I also think the Dems who are focusing on the comment rather than the issue at hand are using Arnold's distraction tactics against him. We'll see what happens. I bet this is a non-issue by the end of today even.


Finally, Eric Idle has a new song about the FCC that will cost him a pretty penny if it gets airtime :) Download The FCC Song and give it a listen! BTW, listen with headphones, it isn't terribly work safe. :D

More non-news later as it breaks, or I take a break. Now scoot!

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Posted by: billy at Jul 21, 2004 5:01:54 AM

Ah, what comes out of the mouths of politicians. It would seem that the governator is no exception.

But should he apologize? Sure what he said was offensive, but most of the people who were offended wouldn't vote for him in the first place. However, he could be seen as burning political bridges. However, if he apologizes, it would be seen as weakness by both this allies and his enemies.

A person in his position has two options: Governing by bringing people together and finding compromise, and governing by "alpha-ing" the legislature to get what he wants and let the people decide at election day if it was a good thing or not. In order to go by the first method, however, the other side must also be willing to compromise. Now I don't live in California, but the image of the CA Legislature given by the main stream media is one of a governing body with an unusually high concentration of uncompromising, unyielding "progressives" who aren't going to give an inch because of the strength of their convictions. Now I'm not saying this is the actual case, but if it is, Schwartzenegger can either be a lame duck governer or energize his base and take the issues to the people. I see calling his political opponents "Girlie Men" as the latter. A classy move? Definately not. An effective move? We shall see.

Posted by: *Name Hidden* at Jul 21, 2004 6:53:00 AM