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September 10, 2004


This week has been garden beautification week at the Twilight Cafe. After helping my mom plant a bajillion iris last week, I was given several of my own to plant. She did come help me. We partially cleared a couple of beds and planted them. They are black (purple, really) and brown and yellows. Then mom got some cannas in and shared with me. I spent yesterday making another bed near the front windows and this morning planting 5 bulbs. I am sore. Let me rephrase that. My right arm from the shoulder to the wrist is sore. The rest of me is fine and I feel like I need to go work out my left arm so it isn't left behind in the great muscle strengthening of '04 :)

Does anyone know what would be good to plant if I want some color this fall? Is it too late?

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I'm not a gardener, being a condo owner and all, but people around here put pots of hardy mums out or in the ground around now. I've also put in ornamental kale.

Posted by: Leslee at Sep 10, 2004 1:35:31 PM