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October 28, 2004

His sister is a thespian, and he masticates in public!

I hate politics.

The reason? People go insane when discussing politics. Myself included. We hear what we want, we believe what we want, and we think everyone who disagrees with us is an idiot. Or you get people like me who try to please everyone and end up pissing everyone off. Bah!

My cello teacher when I was in junior high school had a policy never to discuss religion or politics. I see now how wise she was. She wasn't going to be convinced to change and knew she wasn't going to convince anyone else. Sad, really, because people who refuse to be convinced are closing their minds to other possibilities. I have very specific beliefs, but they are always open to examination. If they don't survive examination, then they didn't have a very strong foundation in the first place. Take abortion, for instance. Hot, hot topic. I am pro-choice, even after examining all the evidence I can find and being grilled by my highly intelligent devil's advocate friends (why are all my friends like that?). If my beliefs can withstand that kind of pressure, I know they are solid. It's one reason I love rational debate.

What we are seeing in a lot of places is not debate. It is not rational. It is emotionally charged propaganda. Now, now, propaganda has a bad rap for being "lies" but that isn't true. Propaganda is any statement made to sway a person or group of people to one point of view. It's got nothing to do with lies, but much propaganda stretches the truth, knowing the average consumer won't check the facts. Those same average consumers are not taught or encouraged to examine the facts for themselves....assuming they can even find out what the facts are these days!

I don't guess I have much of a point here except to rant about politics in general and why I have a hard time with fanatics on both sides of the fence.

Speaking of abortion, no matter who tells you what it always boils down to faith. Faith in your deity of choice and whatever punishment or praise It metes out to you for your life choices. Faith in science. Faith that a book (any book) written by men is infalliable and is the thought of their god. I can say that I believe that the soul doesn't enter the body till the second trimester, after the cerebral cortex is developed. Someone else may say that the soul enters the embryo when it is just an egg with a sperm-head in it. Someone else entirely may say there is no such thing as an immortal soul. None of us can prove our beliefs. Therefore it is a matter of faith. I don't want my government legislating my faith. That's what it boils down to for me. Even if I am "pro-life" (which implies the other side is "pro-death") I still don't want my government legislating my faith. I don't want them forcing me to have kids any more than I want them forcing me to abort my children. But that's me.

I have gone on too long here, but you get my point I think. If not, I'll try again tomorrow when I have had plenty of sleep.

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I think you put it just right. What's happening now is not debate, it's political mockery at the expense of our country and our people. It's damaging things that shouldn't be harmed now or anytime and I'm ready for it to stop.

I remember Dave and I having extremely long, active, and powerful debates on the subjects of abortion and gay marriage rights. In the end I was like you unchanged as my views are solid based on belief and faith and while I'm fairly sure Dave agrees with me on these issues it seems like he was able to take the other side without being nasty or foolish. We debated facts and our personal beliefs and were able to make the difference between the two known easily.

That seems to be lacking now. As for what Bush is thinking per your last entry you're right on target there. I would like to ask of Bush as Jon Stewart said he would on one of the many programs I saw him on last week, What am I missing? What are you (Bush) doing that I just can't see, how do you consider your administration to be a success?

Posted by: Joe at Oct 28, 2004 7:26:03 AM

I don't want the government legislating my faith either ;however,I don't want to destroy a living entity . That goes against my faith and before anyone assumes that Iam let me say that I am not a Christian !

Posted by: Paul at Oct 28, 2004 7:28:26 AM

Just to add to your abortion idea, you should the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule but Dr. Rick Strassman. If we truly have a soul it enters the body 42 days after conception, when a large burst of DMT (a naturally produced hallucinogen) is sent into the body by the Pineal and Pituitary glands, the home of our "third eye", or what Descartes referred to as "the seat of the soul." It's a fascinating study into the nature of reality, souls, near death experiences and the strange things our own bodies can produce.

Posted by: David at Oct 28, 2004 7:31:39 AM

Thanks, you guys. And thanks for the book recommendation, David. 42 days after conception, 6 weeks. I can buy that. It's certainly worth looking into.

Paul, I also don't want to destroy a living entity. That is why I choose not to. My only argument is that I refuse to force others into my choice, because that takes away their choice. I would be surprised to find anyone, Christian or otherwise, who believed that taking life is ok. There are always circumstances to be considered. Thanks for your comment!

Posted by: Alicia at Oct 28, 2004 7:40:56 AM

I can't tell you how much I agree with you about the inability of most folks to rationally discuss politics. It's a shame. I'm on the Republican side of things, and I often shy away from it just because I don't enjoy the stress of it all.

But I must take issue with one point that you made. I do not believe that the question of abortion relies upon faith. I am a pro-lifer (even though I am ashamed to call myself that, because I feel I may get lumped in with the lunatics who bomb abortion clinics). But for me, it is most emphatically NOT a question of religion or beliefs. It is a question of hypocrisy in our judicial system. This won't be interesting, but bear with me if you choose:

If there is a giant paper bag in front of me, and someone tells me there may or may not be a human being inside, and fire a gun into that bag, killing its occupant, I am a murderer, by law. I was warned that there could be a human inside. Nobody knew for sure.

Now, I don't know for sure when a soul enters the body, or frankly, even if it does. But the hypocrisy drives me crazy. How can they charge a man with double murder for killing a pregnant woman, then?

This smacks of human life only being valuable when it is wanted by other humans. I'm not prepared to make those judgements, and I am repulsed by the government making them for me.

It's a problem of consistency, you see? That's what bubbles my cauldron.

There's more to my complex belief system than just that, but you get the point.

For the record, I am also deeply against capital punishment, for basically the same reasons.

Posted by: Citizen Willow at Nov 8, 2004 2:27:49 PM

Crikey, my "complex belief system"? What a pompous ass I am! When I typed it, I meant it facetiously, but it reads really puffy. I was kidding.

Posted by: Citizen Willow at Nov 8, 2004 2:35:02 PM

I have had a problem with my definition with a few people, so I should clear it up here. I don't mean faith as in religious beliefs. I mean faith as in not provable tangibly, so belief relies on faith in whatever. Science, religion, Captain Crunch...you name it. I do see that your disgust with the hypocracy of the laws is not faith/belief based. You have shown me an instance where my argument doesn't hold water. Cool :)

Just curious too, if you fire a gun into a bag that *might* have, you have been told, a human in it, wouldn't you only be a murderer if in fact there *were* a human in it? What if there were nothing in there?

Also, you are a pro-lifer, but you don't want the government making those decisions for you. That is the core of pro-choice. Not that we want children killed, but that we want to give the right to the mother to decide if she carries to term or not. Religiously, that is between her and her god. Legally, I would not mind as much if we set down some line in the sand that after X point the child is legally human. Like at birth. I believe there are factors that point to a certain time that awareness/cognizance occurs. But again, that's based on faith in science. I am just as frustrated and confused by it all as the next person. I am pro-life in that I think women should not abort, but I am pro-choice in that I don't want the government to legislate that.

You bring up some excellent points, Citizen Willow. Thank you!

Posted by: Alicia at Nov 8, 2004 4:15:10 PM

I see your point, Alicia. Hmm. Barring a very long discussion, I guess for me it would boil down to this: If the time the soul enters the body if subjective, then if I should start to become a pain in the butt, my mom could have an abortion today, even though I'm 35. I know that sounds certifiably insane, but for me it is the logical argument. If she can have an abortion the day before I would be born, then why not the day after? Am I really any different? Why not 35 years later?

The difference between the paper bag and the baby is that I can fire the gun into the bag and then find out what I've done, if anything. If I did kill someone, there would quickly be a law on the books saying "No more firing guns into bags." With the baby, I cannot ever find out. Nobody knows for sure. I'd say that's the only difference. I'd rather err on the side of the baby and give her the benefit of the doubt.

As I said before, it would take me pages to fully flesh out this opinion of mine, but that's the gist.

Can I just say how weird and cool it is to post to a blog about being pro-life and not be called names? Ahhh, so refreshing.

Posted by: Citizen Willow at Nov 9, 2004 9:46:36 AM