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October 13, 2004

oh. my. god.

You are Windows XP.  Under your bright and cheerful exterior is a strong and stable personality.  You have a tendency to do more than what is asked or even desired.
Which OS are You?

please don't hate me

Thanks to Doc for the diversion. He's Slackware Linux.

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I'm afraid to take this test. I would have to end my life if I turned out to be a Micro$oft product....

Posted by: dean at Oct 13, 2004 10:39:43 AM

You're still strong despite the passage of time. Though few understand you, those who do love you deeply and appreciate you.

Posted by: *Name Hidden* at Oct 13, 2004 10:41:50 AM

I'm an OS I actually use: Palm OS ("Punctual, straightforward and very useful. Your mother wants you to do more with your life like your cousin Wince, but you're happy with who you are.").

I was sure I'd end up some OS I'd never touched.

Posted by: Don at Oct 13, 2004 10:56:15 AM

Hey, I love XP!

Posted by: Leslee at Oct 13, 2004 2:04:56 PM

There's no hating going on here! While I am a big mac geek, I have to use XP and can appreciate it. And I am certain that the quiz was just wrong in your case. And...it coulda been worse...you could hve been Windows ME (Eeeeek!)


Posted by: Doc at Oct 13, 2004 3:16:38 PM

lol. we love u. :)

Posted by: Ali at Oct 14, 2004 11:20:00 AM

You are Red Hat Linux. You're tops among your peers, but still get no respect from them. It's all right with you. You have your sights set higher.

Posted by: jon at Oct 16, 2004 12:01:41 PM

Amiga OS. Ahead of my time. Able to keep lots of balls in the air. What a shame my parents didn't give me more opportunities to succeed . . .

I actually had an Amiga once upon a time about a thousand years ago. I remember it fondly . . .

Posted by: Anne at Oct 18, 2004 4:27:09 PM