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November 15, 2004

what to say?

It's been a few days. I and a friend of mine decided we were going to stop posting about politics for a while and I am therefore looking for something to write about. Certainly not Ashcroft and Powell quitting their jobs with this administration.

What I did this weekend was go to another hafla. Unfortunately I was running around so much helping out I didn't get pictures, but this one was AMAZING. The troupe Indigo Rose performed, and Martha did a tribal dance that was beautiful. Tribal not in the ATS style, which is usually improv and involves many dancers, but tribal as in primitive, with Turkish fist pounding and foot stomping and expressions of anguish and joy. Great stuff.

Shanna the Fiery did a routine to Santa Baby that was sexy and fun. She is a theatrical whiz and has great control of her facial expressions. She is always a joy to watch.

The most impressive bit was a troupe called Visions in Dance, which performed an experimental routine that had modern music accompanyment. The dance was an "expression of the darker side of human nature," and was beautiful. The dancers were outfitted in costumes of dark greys and blacks. The movement was precise and flowing simultaneously, and quite powerful. The poses they struck were stunning. Their interaction with each other was incredible too. I can't say enough about this troupe, and I hope I see more of their work soon.

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Sigh. Sounds great. I haven't been to anything lately so I'm living vicariously now.

How did they express the "darker side"? Did they mean emotions?

Posted by: Nasreena at Nov 15, 2004 9:50:12 PM

They were dressed in the grey you see for theatrical dancers playing dark ghosts, but that wasn't the main thing. Their facial expressions and the dance itself were the modes of expression. In one part, two of the dancers were shoving each other (choreographed fighting, of course) and in other parts one of the dancers was mourning beneath a tree made up of the other three dancers, and there is a show of jealousy at one point. It was really well done. It had roots in modern dance as well as Middle Eastern dance.

Posted by: Alicia at Nov 16, 2004 9:47:40 AM