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February 25, 2005

a quiz!

Let's break up the monotony, shall we?

My Inner Hero - Wizard!

I'm a Wizard!

There are many types of magic, but all require a sharp mind and a cool head. There is no puzzle I can't solve, no problem I can't think my way out of. When you feel confused or uncertain, you can always rely on me to untangle the knots and put everything back in order for you.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.

I warn you, though. The test is fun but they make you register with them, for their game. However, you can elect not to receive emails and not to play, as I understand it. Don't know why they make you do it in the first place, really. Oh well.

stolen from the Unseen Blogger, who is also a wizard.

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Dr. Gene Scott would have been a Paladin. ;)

Posted by: *Name Hidden* at Feb 25, 2005 8:35:10 AM