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February 25, 2005

dance news

Just a reminder to those of you who come here for something more than the ongoing debate and shrine to Dr Scott, this Sunday the 27th is the DFW Dance From the Heart benefit for victims of the tsunami. Check out the Dance From the Heart website for a show near you.

DALLAS/FORT WORTH, TX. Dance From the Heart is coordinating with sponsors in cities across the US. Locally, we will present a Dance Benefit on Sunday, February 27, 2005 to aid those in Southeast Asia affected by the tsunami. Titled “Dance From The Heart, North Texas,” the Dallas/Fort Worth benefit will present workshops and performances of Tribal Fusion, Egyptian, Gypsy, Indian, and Polynesian style dance. This multi-cultural event will showcase the best in local dance talent. All dancers and instructors have donated their time in support of this cause. The Victory Arts Center, located at 801 W. Shaw Street in Fort Worth (www.victoryartscenter.com), has generously donated their theater and main hall for the event. Workshops begin at 10:00am on Sunday, February 27, 2005. Performances and shimmy thons will take place throughout the day, with an evening gala starting at 7:00pm. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Oxfam America, in support of their continuing relief efforts. This will be a free show, with donations to Oxfam greatly appreciated.

Next weekend, Saturday the 5th, is another Kismet Hafla in Carrollton, Texas. Yes, I'll be dancing in this one, with lots of fake tattoos painted on and a big decorated stick that I shake at the "opposing tribe" in the dance. There will be videos, and thanks to Name Hidden, I am going to try to move the video to mpeg format and post it here. That will be at least a month from now, as it takes that long to even get the video back from editing. This hafla is also the one we are calling Austin Invades Dallas, as the second half of the show has dancers up from Austin. I think the idea is that we will go down there sometime for a trade-off. At least I hope so, Austin is a wonderful town.

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