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February 14, 2005

Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Greeting Card Made-Up Holiday AKA V-Day!  :)

Happy V-Day, and go see the Vagina Monologues if it is playing in your area. Support the fight against domestic violence. And remember, abuse isn't only physical, it is verbal, emotional as well.

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I'm just pissed off that Home Depot doesn't have a gift card section and maybe, just maybe a calk gun dispenser that pushes chocolate out of the tube. Nordstrom's just doesn't make it for the kind of ambiance I'm used to.

Posted by: bsp at Feb 14, 2005 3:02:43 PM

dont forget the flower shops and chocolatiers...

Posted by: Kate at Feb 14, 2005 10:33:04 PM


Posted by: Ali at Feb 16, 2005 12:09:08 PM