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March 17, 2005

green and geeky

Not much to say today except Happy St. Paddy's Day. In lieu of coming up with something cool to say myself, I direct you to Michael Hanscom's blog, eclecticism, where he has an amazing pre-review and explanation of an up-and-coming Star Trek movie, Star Trek XI. Just below that entry is one about the next Star Wars movie and how the trailers lure us into a false sense of security that this time the movie will be better than the last ones and return to the glory that was episodes 4-6. I can't link to it, though, as I get an error page each time I try. So just go look for yourselves. :)

addendum: Michael sent this link along to the Star Wars entry. It worked for me and should work for you too.


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Hi Alicia! Odd that you're getting an error on that trailer entry, I'm not sure what's going on there -- this _should_ work, though ( http://www.michaelhanscom.com/eclecticism/2005/03/geek_conflicts.html ). Maybe. ;)

Posted by: Michael Hanscom at Mar 17, 2005 9:42:55 AM

The Boy and I saw the Star Wars trailer when we went to see Robots the other night (very good movie, btw -- Disney beware!), and I really don't have much hope.

Posted by: Anne at Mar 18, 2005 9:23:22 PM