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May 31, 2005

power of action

I found this on tribe.net and wanted to share it here. It's a message I really needed to see right at the moment I saw it. I have asked who wrote it, and as soon as I find out I will credit them here.

Power Of Action
Avoiding Stagnation
Many people believe their journeys are taking them to some end where their lives will reach a plateau. They envision their days being similar in nature, with few upsets or alterations. But they have forgotten that change and action are vital parts of existence - steps that at times inspire us gently and, at other times, goads us on roughly. To stagnate is to turn your self into your own roadblock. It can bring your personal growth to a halt. It is possible to forget that your choices, actions, and ability to create are the keys to your happiness and fulfillment. When faced with a negative situation, it can seem easier to stay put and not rock the boat. And when settled into a positive situation, making new choices and starting new projects can feel like too much effort.

But everyone needs mental motion to continue to grow, and that requires that you keep taking action. Letting yourself fall into a slump can lead to depression and leave you wondering why you were once excited about life. If you begin to feel that you're stagnating in a job, a situation, a relationship, or even a mental state, ask yourself what choices you can make to help yourself move on. Or, if you are in a satisfying place in your life, what activities you can do or projects you can undertake to spice up your mindset. Remind yourself that when one project or phase of life has been completed, it's only natural to begin the next. Likewise, don't get caught up in believing that your life has truly reached a standstill. There is always some choice or action, however small or seemingly insignificant, that will help you to abolish your roadblock and move ahead.

Stagnation can always be avoided, no matter what your situation, by trying something new. While casting off the burden of an unsatisfying job may be too drastic a change, learning to rock climb or tap dance, enjoying a new style of cuisine, or becoming involved in a hobby are all means to push forward, to continue learning and growing, and to walk the most enlightening path.

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