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June 30, 2005

The Eye sees all!


And just what does that look like to you? First guess?

Well whatever it is, it's been sighted by the Hubble. Now does the fact that it looks like the Eye of Sauron creep you out? It does me!

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attack of the 25 foot popsicle

So let me get this straight. They were erecting a giant popsicle in the middle of Manhattan and it melted faster than they expected, creating a sticky mess along the lines of other natural disasters. Faster than they expected? So they did know it was going to melt. Eventually. What were they going to do then? Hope that people actually came by and ate a bit before it melted? Feed middle Manhattanites a frozen treat?

This is just weird.

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I hope this means I get a job today

While I don't think astrology is the be-all and end-all and don't plan my days around what I read, I do enjoy reading my horoscope. Especially as written by Rob Brezny. He's funny. Here's mine:

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21): I was watching MTV's reality game show Next. The camera recorded the adventures of a hot blonde as she went on a succession of brief dates with five strangers. The moment any of the suitors bothered or bored her, she barked "Next!" banishing the loser and ushering in a fresh supplicant. In the first part of the show, she rejected three guys, paving the way for the fourth: an affable, goofy Sagittarius. "I've heard Sagittarians are workaholics," she told him just minutes into the date. "You've been misinformed," he replied with a chuckle and went on to tell her that he had no job, really liked doing nothing in particular all day long, and enjoyed walking around naked whenever possible. I bring this to your attention, Sagittarius, because I hope you'll make a liar out of him in the coming weeks. Please work with as much intensity as you can possibly summon. (PS: However, it would be fine for you to follow his example for a while in August.)

Go read yours, maybe it's just as funny :)

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compromise is the art of dying slowly

Yes, Virginia, it has been almost a month since I wrote anything online. I have been contemplating the meaning of life. Yeah, that's it....really I have. Part of that is trying to understand how we get away from being ourselves and become something we don't even want to be for the "love" of other people. Or even to get them to like us. I hated seeing it happen when I was in high school even though I was probably an unwitting player of the game myself. Loneliness does strange things to people. They pretend to like certain books when really they don't enjoy reading at all. Movie tastes change. Sometimes it is a gradual thing and a person actually does change to be more like the person whose attention they want to keep. Other times a person changes because he sees the good in the way the people around him are, or she wants to be something more than she was reared to be. The sad part is when someone tries to fit into a mold he doesn't fit to gain or remain in a relationship. In the end there is much resentment and the feeling that you'd do anything for a person is replaced by a self-loathing and a despair about the significant other not loving you for you, but loving what you showed him you were in the first place.

So pondering all these things I came across this post by Amanda at Mouse Words, who is actually posting through Pandagon now, about women who will have surgery to replace their hymens so they appear to be a virgin when the big day comes. I agree, between all the active living we do these days, hymens don't really pose the painful and bloody problem they once did. However I think Amanda sums it up nicely in her last paragraph:

Ladies, if a man looks deep into your eyes and lovingly says that he cannot wait until he rips into you and you bleed and cry, if your first thought is, "Uh-oh. I don't know if I can give that to him because of other partners/tampons/a horse-riding hobby," you might have a problem that surgery isn't going to fix. But, a good step is to ditch that guy and maybe think about one who wants sex to be about fun and love instead of bloody conquest.

Someday people will be proud of who they are enough so that they don't pretend to be something else for the attention of others. Someday people won't put up with the crazy expectations of potential mates. The best relationships I have ever been witness to is when each person is his own person who enjoys the company of the other. Perhaps this is why the middle of love is much better to me than the beginning. In the beginning it's fireworks and sparks and giggles and inside jokes that are disgusting to watch from outside the relationship. With time that flame tempers and glows. Ten years later you realize how comfortable you really are, how much more yourself you are because the fear of offending the other person is gone. The security of the relationship affords us the ability to be ourselves more. I wouldn't want to jump straight into that part of the relationship, though. The journey is as important as the arrival.

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June 08, 2005

new linkage

A few links I found.

Making Fiends has a new episode!

The Bewitched trailer rocks!

Skeletal systems of popular cartoon characters

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June 06, 2005

fear is the mind killer, and the productivity killer too

I love magazines.

Maybe it's because I have a short attention span, or perhaps it's a fear of commitment, but I like reading short articles, short poems, short stories and short novels. I realize that fear of commitment is pervasive in my life, and oddly the very magazines I read serve to rub my face in the fact. Glutton for punishment? Guilty as charged.

I especially love reading "green" magazines, the ones that tell you where to buy recycled bamboo flooring or non-COV paint for your walls. The ones that tell you to clean your house with lemon juice and white vinegar. That has never worked for me. My house for some reason doesn't seem clean using some of the recommended home-made cleaners, but I really really want to use them. I have a vested interest in being "green" and using alternative forms of energy. I am a hippy at heart I guess. But back to my commitment issues. I was reading Natural Home recently and there is an article about a woman who lived for 10 years in a great apartment with some garden space until the landlord sold the building and the new owner made some toxic changes and destroyed the beauty of the natural oak floors and the original look of the windows and such. She had to pick up her garden and move it to a new place. First of all, what a tremendous effort! But she found a place and transplanted her garden. She mentions that the yard was too quiet, so she put out bird feeders and planted flora that would attract butterflies and other of Nature's pets. Soon she could sit on the porch and watch the wildlife. How I envy her!

I have been in this house for almost 8 years. I just planted some iris in the front flowerbed this winter. I got a landscaper to give me a plan and a quote once, but never followed through. I could do it myself, but I don't. I live as if I am about to move, and have been doing so for the past 5 years. I finally got around to painting my office a couple of years ago, and bought some artwork for the walls. The art is resting against the cabinet in the guest bathroom. It has to be moved gently aside if ever a guest actually wants to use the bathroom for its intended purpose. The guest bathtub is used for storage of a Python aquarium hose that is too long to use (but I might need it someday! Really!). There are two computers in the guest bath just waiting to merge into something that actually works.

The point being that I have all these wonderful ideas of how I want the house and yard to look and I don't act on them because of an underlying feeling of pointlessness. If I won't be here, why make the changes? I know and am impressed by friends who go about making their houses and apartments, however impermanent, a home and a refuge. I make do, I deal, I put it off, I don't invest the time or effort.

My last house was really a great house, but I did the same thing. When it came time to move, we had to fix the place up because the buyers had an FHA loan and FHA has regulations it imposes on the seller. Once we made the changes we were loathe to move but we had already committed. See, it is a bad word! It means not changing your mind, being trapped, loss of freedom.

I am sure that someday I will come to discover that there is actually more freedom in commitment than there is in the limbo state I seem to have lived most of my life in. I just hope this epiphany comes before it's too late.

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