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November 14, 2005

the wheel of fortune keeps turning

Here's the deal :)

Because the City of [Censored, alas] waited till Friday to give me my drug test (what fun that was!) I won't start work till Tuesday. It takes 24 hours for the results to get back from the lab confirming I haven't even thought about illicit drugs ever and then I become part of the library family. Yay! So expect a report Tuesday night on my first day as a library assistant.

In other news, my troupe danced again Saturday night and had a great time. The guest troupe, Visions in Dance, is the most fabulous set of ladies I have ever had the pleasure to watch and to dance with. They are amazing and we will be dancing with them soon. They loved our set, we loved theirs. Anyway....my troupe has been asked by one of the local bellydance matriarchs to perform for her gig on New Year's Eve and get paid for it. Usually that is the night we have a birthday party for a pair of my dear friends, so I don't know if we will be dancing or not, but I hope we end up getting to dance AND have the birthday party. I have made tips before while dancing, but this is a bit different. Now I wonder how many sets she expects...

Anyway, seems like everything is going swimmingly. I'll report back about how my first day goes and then maybe I'll start having something of substance to say around here more often.

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Sorry I never replied in our short e-mail conversation we were having a while back, I'm bad about things like that like, you know, communication.

Great to read about things going well, congrats on the new job and the dance gig, money is always good especially when you get paid doing something you a.)enjoy and b.)are good at. :-)

I've been blogging a bit more lately as things seem to ramp back up again for me as well, just wondering what's on the horizon now.

Posted by: Joe at Nov 14, 2005 10:03:45 AM

It's good to see you haven't been sucked into the great cosmic void. I was beginning to worry.

Posted by: Snow at Nov 15, 2005 12:05:39 PM