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December 31, 2005

Brave New World my ass

Found this on one of the tribes I am on. Creepy ick.


And as one of the members of my tribe said, "There is something really fucked up about a society that wants its little girls to look like women and its women to look like little girls."

amen, sister!

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December 02, 2005

by the way...

Gentleman's Quarterly is a monthly magazine.

I find that amusing.

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December 01, 2005

are you being served?

In some ways it's like working at the skating rink again - accomodating others, helping them have a good time as unobtrusively as possible. Being there to help out, to guide and direct but then to leave alone. Today I taught a kid that Excel is a better spreadsheet than Word and about the joys of saving his work and being able to pull it back up when the software glitches, so he doesn't lose all the work he did.

Life is good.

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working working working

True, true, I have been remiss in posting like I said I would. My schedule is such that I feel I don't have a lot of time to get online right now. However I have a break this morning, so here's a bit about the new job. I love it. I work days some days, afternoons and evenings on other days, and some weekend days. This weekend is my first weekend day work, I work Sunday. Boring, mundane stuff, eh?

The best thing about working in a library is I get to see a lot of variations of personalities and get to witness human nature up close. We get kids in who want on the internet to play games, adults who have been laid off or fired and want to send out resumes, older people who have varying degrees of computer knowledge. And many Spanish speakers, so I get to brush up on my Español. I work with a woman who is so eager to learn and so curious, it is wonderful. We both also are looking for the best ways to do things, and just switched our desks around so it made more sense. I am working on documenting procedures in my spare time and creating an excel spreadsheet to track our patron stats. I love it!

The other side of human nature rears its ugly head too. I come across people who will cheat the system with no care for how it affects others. People who become helpless when anyone is there to do a thing for them. Have met teachers who are otherwise capable people (I hope) who can't figure out simple things on a web site. I completely understand not knowing how to navigate on a computer or how to know what to click on. I guess I expect someone who teaches other people to know that MA is Massachusettes and not Maine. Of be able to look it up. And there are some people who go in just lonely. I don't mind giving them attention when I can, but not at the expense of others who really need my help. Most of all I expect people to be considerate of others, be aware of their surroundings and just be conscientious humans. I don't think that's too much to ask.

more library talk as I learn more. I promise. :)

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