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January 17, 2006

Drift House review

I have finally gotten around to changing the "now reading" list to the left. I have actually read quite a few books since I last changed this, and I will try to keep it up to date. I am also going to try to review a few books that I like as I finish them.

Recently I finished Drift House by Dale Peck. Dale usually writes about troubled boys who have grown to be men, and homosexuality, and a combination of the two, but in this complete change of pace he has written a children's book in the same vein as the Series of Unfortunate Events books, only.....better. I love Lemony Snicket, don't get me wrong. I just got tired after the first few books of reading the same thing, no matter how clever he said it. This book is lighter, just enough so to be a really fun read. It also has some characteristics of the Narnia books, much more so perhaps than the Unfortunate Events books. In Drift House, three children are left with their uncle while their parents stay in New York City in the months post 911. The children are intelligent in different ways, and annoying in different ways as intelligent, independent-thinking children should be. Good ways. Uncle Farley takes them in and they soon discover that Drift House does just that, hence the name, however it sails from the Bay of Eternity into the actual sea of time. Soon they have to figure out how to use their wits and individual strengths to save the house and perhaps the world as we know it from Impending Doom. While some of the plot is predictable, Peck writes it in a way that is fresh enough and interesting enough to keep me moving forward at a steady but not annoyingly quick pace. If you like Narnia type fantasy and children's books that break the fourth wall, you will like Drift House.

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January 04, 2006


This was passed to me by Leslee @ 3rd House Party:

Four jobs you've had in your life: Library assistant, Java programmer, insurance clerk, roller rink girl.

Four movies you could watch over and over: Practical Magic, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Pirates of the Carribean; The Point

Four places you've lived: I haven't lived in four places :( Denton, TX and 6-8 weeks in a UCLA dorm.

Four TV shows you love to watch: House, CSI, Bones, Scrubs. I see a theme

Four places you've been on vacation: London, Colorado, New York, South Padre Island

Four websites you visit daily: My blog (to get to my comics), Refdesk.com, tribe.net, amazon.com

Four of your favorite foods: spaghetti, avocados, eggplant, chocolate chip cookies

Four places you'd rather be: Portland, London, Boston, Seattle

Four albums you can't live without: Concrete Blonde - Recollections; Jill Sobule - Jill Sobule; Poi Dog Pondering - Poi Dog Pondering; Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes. But there are so many more I wouldn't want to give up.

Four to pass this meme along to:

 The Unseen Blogger @ The Unseen Blogger Blog 
Anne @ The Painted Cave
Snowball @ Adventures of a Snowball in Hell and
Pam @ Beancounters

I hope they're all willing! :)

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January 03, 2006

information, please

Been home a while, can't sleep. Want to play Civ IV. What an addicting game! So addicting there is a built in alarm clock to remind you when to sleep and eat and go to work. Thank god for that since I know lots of people who have lost girlfriends/wives and jobs just from playing video games too much. Usually it's the online variety. It's as bad as any drug, worse maybe because it's cheaper and legal.

I get lots of weird questions at the library. People expect librarians to know everything, it's funny. They really expect you to help them find that book, you know, but they don't remember the name or who wrote it. It's red and there's a picture of a sword and a boot on the cover. Yep, that narrows it down. Oddly, it does get easier. We pull previous year's magazines and sell them for a dollar a bundle. Some woman came in looking for a Time magazine from a few months ago that had to do with infidelity. Could we find it for her because she couldn't find it anywhere on the shelves. She knows it had to do with infidelity because the cover had a huge layout about it. I knew just what she was looking for. A Newsweek from 2004 with a woman on the cover with INFIDELITY written across her chest as she holds the hands of two men. I had just seen it a few days earlier. Weird.

Then there was the young girl who came in today. She's a great movie watcher and is always asking about movies that we have, old and new. Today it was that movie called "Blonde Girls for Rich Men" and it's, you know, kind of old. You mean Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Yup, that was it, and we had it. We don't have the other one, though. How to Marry A Millionaire. Oh well, we'll get it soon enough.

More later, it's way past time for bed.

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