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January 03, 2006

information, please

Been home a while, can't sleep. Want to play Civ IV. What an addicting game! So addicting there is a built in alarm clock to remind you when to sleep and eat and go to work. Thank god for that since I know lots of people who have lost girlfriends/wives and jobs just from playing video games too much. Usually it's the online variety. It's as bad as any drug, worse maybe because it's cheaper and legal.

I get lots of weird questions at the library. People expect librarians to know everything, it's funny. They really expect you to help them find that book, you know, but they don't remember the name or who wrote it. It's red and there's a picture of a sword and a boot on the cover. Yep, that narrows it down. Oddly, it does get easier. We pull previous year's magazines and sell them for a dollar a bundle. Some woman came in looking for a Time magazine from a few months ago that had to do with infidelity. Could we find it for her because she couldn't find it anywhere on the shelves. She knows it had to do with infidelity because the cover had a huge layout about it. I knew just what she was looking for. A Newsweek from 2004 with a woman on the cover with INFIDELITY written across her chest as she holds the hands of two men. I had just seen it a few days earlier. Weird.

Then there was the young girl who came in today. She's a great movie watcher and is always asking about movies that we have, old and new. Today it was that movie called "Blonde Girls for Rich Men" and it's, you know, kind of old. You mean Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Yup, that was it, and we had it. We don't have the other one, though. How to Marry A Millionaire. Oh well, we'll get it soon enough.

More later, it's way past time for bed.

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My Mom has always talked about wanting to be a librarian, I think it's probably a job I could get into as well. Years ago when I first started working for the cleaning company my first stop was the town library, I started there at seven am and it was very nice because no one was around except books and the ghosts of the history of the place.

I'm sure it's much less peaceful when it's full of people no matter how many signs say they should remain quiet :-).

I've thought about getting CivIV, just cancelled my subscription to World Of Warcraft after a year of playing, a huge time/money sink for me that I needed to get away from.

Posted by: Joe at Jan 4, 2006 8:20:14 AM

Same story for bookstore clerks! My favorite story: a customer came in and asked me to help her find some light reading. We browsed a minute until I pulled out an Art Buchwald hardback. She was horrified. "Oh, no! That's not light at all - that thing must weigh three pounds!"

Posted by: pam at Jan 4, 2006 8:59:14 AM

Addictions to the video game may also be caused by the screen, especially if your not using a lCD monitor either way - try placing a glass between you and your monitor, as the light flutters at a certain hertz - mesmerizing the person in front of the screen. Also perepheral vision is really becomes limited, but returns after you are able to stay away from the computer.

The glass stops the wave length frequency that comes off the screen - and your able to see around the room more - if you notice your field of focus is the same as the size of your computer screen - at least this is what I seem to notice when I am in front of a computer too often.

I went camping for a few weeks - away from all artificial light sources, and when I returned to my car - I sat in the front seat and looked straight ahead - I could see both side view mirrors - the one on the left door and the one on the right door while looking straight ahead - this is what our vision is like, if we just stay away from these computers and tv(s) ...

well that is the only information I can give you on the matter

HOPE your able to get out of the addiction and find some sort of better constructive use of your time, they say if you want to be happy - forget it, as the moment you chase happiness it flees far away from you, but if you find something worthwhile to do, happiness may just smile upon your life.

Posted by: keith at Jan 15, 2006 9:10:18 AM

I, actually, am not addicted to computer games, although I see it all around me. I don't have the time or inclination to get addicted to the games. I do like surfing the net and reading blogs and threads on tribe.net, but I can walk away from any of those and video games with fair ease. My drug of choice is books, even over television. Books and magazines. But it is good to know the information about how one's vision is affected by these games. I hadn't considered that before.

Any of you out there also have experience with this phenomenon?

Posted by: Alicia at Jan 15, 2006 11:53:05 AM