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May 26, 2006

China bans voodoo dolls. Sales increase.

Read the story here.

What I find surprising (however foolish I may be) is that the government says that those who purchase the voodoo dolls are "a disgrace to socialism for believing in feudal superstitions" when they themselves are tacitly professing a belief in the same superstitions if they think buying and using voodoo dolls is dangerous.

Plus, who doesn't know that if you prohibit the sale of something that sales of that thing will rise? Didn't anyone learn from the U.S. prohibition? Then again, maybe they are making this fuss because they know it will spur their citizens on to buying more and perhaps becoming more superstitious, thereby rendering them more easily led. Maybe I am overthinking this.


p.s. the promotion is official! I transfer (officially) on June 10 and start working on the 12th.

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May 11, 2006

No news is good news?

I have been very quiet because I have been really, really busy. Really :) But the good news is that I am the top choice for a higher position where I work now. Better pay, better hours. The downside is that it isn't doing desk work with the public, helping them find books and learn how to use their computers, but the big picture is that I will go back to doing those things once I get my degree. This new position will help me with that goal by presenting me with opportunities to learn how libraries are run and to meet key people that I may work with later in life. I think all in all it's a good move, although I'll miss working the desk with my evil twin. Who would have guessed I'd find someone so much like me to work with (in the good ways). She is different from me too, in ways that complement my work style. We keep each other going throughout the day. She is encouraging me in this as well, that's how cool she is.

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