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April 27, 2007

here comes the rain again

Well, we made it through the storm alright. No one I know was hurt, and only a couple of people I know suffered any water damage. Present company included. I dropped my library book (Jim Butcher's latest, White Night) and my phone in the water. Of course I grabbed the book up first. And for those playing along at home, this is the third phone I've dropped in something. This time I couldn't get it replaced, so I bought a new phone last night. A cute little Katana. And because I couldn't get my old phone to turn on, I lost all my contacts and other information. The phone still has internet access, but the screen is much smaller than the Windows PC phone I had. The new phone, however, has GPS capability. I am debating turning it on.

Anyone else have any weather-related tales of woe or otherwise?

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