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April 24, 2011

I am finally getting to my notes on my trip to Japan. Here, first, are the ones from the plane ride over. I'll add more to round out the notes after, but I like the flavor of these as they are written at 30,000 ft up.

"We crossed over the Rockies an hour or so ago, then over Lake Powell. Now we are 30,000 ft over Sierra Nevada. It is 2:31 am Tokyo time and we have a bit over 10 hours left to go.

Just under 4 hours left. We’ve crossed the Pacific Ocean. It is 9:06 am in Tokyo, 7:06 pm back in Dallas. I have watched a good chunk of “Tron: Legacy,” a good chunk of “Burlesque,” and an episode of “Bones.” I read a few “Father Brown” mysteries and the entirety of “The Wizard of Oz.” I have slept a bit, but not as much as I would have liked. The guy across the aisle probably has sleep apnea, guessing from the intensity of his snoring. We were served a snack of a sandwich and a Kit Kat bar a few hours ago. The turbulence comes and goes. Most people seem to be sleeping well. I’m going to try again here in a few. The great thing about sleeping is that when you wake up, time has magically passed.

Looks like we’ve also crossed the International Date Line. I am pretty sure my TV screen is faulty. The things I try to watch stop intermittently or sometimes just lose connection altogether. I end up watching other people’s monitors silently. Some guy three rows up actually got to the end or “Tron: Legacy” and is playing Tetris.

It is currently 1:15 pm where we are, over the ocean.

We are 1791 miles from Tokyo and the outside air temp is -59 F, -51 C. We are flying at 34,000 feet. We have shaved 8 minutes off our flight time in the past 9.5 hours."

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