November 14, 2005

the wheel of fortune keeps turning

Here's the deal :)

Because the City of [Censored, alas] waited till Friday to give me my drug test (what fun that was!) I won't start work till Tuesday. It takes 24 hours for the results to get back from the lab confirming I haven't even thought about illicit drugs ever and then I become part of the library family. Yay! So expect a report Tuesday night on my first day as a library assistant.

In other news, my troupe danced again Saturday night and had a great time. The guest troupe, Visions in Dance, is the most fabulous set of ladies I have ever had the pleasure to watch and to dance with. They are amazing and we will be dancing with them soon. They loved our set, we loved theirs. troupe has been asked by one of the local bellydance matriarchs to perform for her gig on New Year's Eve and get paid for it. Usually that is the night we have a birthday party for a pair of my dear friends, so I don't know if we will be dancing or not, but I hope we end up getting to dance AND have the birthday party. I have made tips before while dancing, but this is a bit different. Now I wonder how many sets she expects...

Anyway, seems like everything is going swimmingly. I'll report back about how my first day goes and then maybe I'll start having something of substance to say around here more often.

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March 22, 2005

PURE - amazing!

Recently some of my bellydance sistahs went to Houston for a PURE event. PURE stands for Public Urban Ritual Experiment, and hosts events of bellydancers and percussionists to go out in the cities to create living art. Go here and watch the video of some amazing PURE dancers in New York City.

Some of the dancers who experienced this are hoping to start a PURE group here in the DFW area. I've offered my help and hope to be dancing in such events either later in 2005 or early 2006, as soon as we can get it all organized. I'm excited! I am sure there will be video of the event and I'll post it or a link to it here when it happens.

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March 21, 2005

in like a lion

Happy Equinox, Happy Spring! Ok, I'm a day late (and a dollar short) but I am thrilled that spring has finally sprung. Yeah, the lawn needs mown regularly now. Yeah, the weather is erratic and the pressure changes leave us all feeling like crap, at least here in Texas. But I can't complain that the temps are in the 70s and 80s  and the breeze blows through in a way that makes the local parks irresistable.

On that note, my creativity levels have increased, woohoo! My little gnomes and wizards are coming along (more photos soon) and I have finally picked the art back up and am creating characters for an online comic strip. I have the first two strips written but need to finish designing the way everything looks. Thank goodness for books on art and drawing since there just aren't any really good places to go learn to polish your drawing style here without being in school. Maybe they'd let me audit, but honestly I don't remember any classes at UNT teaching what I want to know. Oh well!

Thursday last was Harem Night at Stratos and the show was wonderful! My good friend/teacher Jessica Dawn and I are going to dance at the next Harem Night, April 10 at Constatin's. That is, if I can get the choreography memorized and my backbends working right again. I haven't been keeping my flexibility up as much as I should but this is a great reason to get it back, as well as my strength. 20 days and counting! Meanwhile, Little Egypt had another great weekend of classes and dancing and...I do have a copy of my last performance on DVD. For those who asked, your copies will be in the mail soon and I will post one here as soon as I figure out how to do it.

A word about the BellyDance Academy that is hosting the Harem Nights. The place is run by Neenah and she is a legend and a goddess. When I mentioned the woman who could roll quarters on her stomach, up and down, left row, then middle row, then right row, this is the woman. Her muscle isolation is incredible and her show is not to be missed! She is a lot of fun to watch and has great stage presence. Dancers like Neenah inspire me to keep working.

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