January 03, 2006

information, please

Been home a while, can't sleep. Want to play Civ IV. What an addicting game! So addicting there is a built in alarm clock to remind you when to sleep and eat and go to work. Thank god for that since I know lots of people who have lost girlfriends/wives and jobs just from playing video games too much. Usually it's the online variety. It's as bad as any drug, worse maybe because it's cheaper and legal.

I get lots of weird questions at the library. People expect librarians to know everything, it's funny. They really expect you to help them find that book, you know, but they don't remember the name or who wrote it. It's red and there's a picture of a sword and a boot on the cover. Yep, that narrows it down. Oddly, it does get easier. We pull previous year's magazines and sell them for a dollar a bundle. Some woman came in looking for a Time magazine from a few months ago that had to do with infidelity. Could we find it for her because she couldn't find it anywhere on the shelves. She knows it had to do with infidelity because the cover had a huge layout about it. I knew just what she was looking for. A Newsweek from 2004 with a woman on the cover with INFIDELITY written across her chest as she holds the hands of two men. I had just seen it a few days earlier. Weird.

Then there was the young girl who came in today. She's a great movie watcher and is always asking about movies that we have, old and new. Today it was that movie called "Blonde Girls for Rich Men" and it's, you know, kind of old. You mean Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Yup, that was it, and we had it. We don't have the other one, though. How to Marry A Millionaire. Oh well, we'll get it soon enough.

More later, it's way past time for bed.

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October 11, 2004

squeeky squeek, squeek squeek squeeky-squeek

Pope McTwitch

That's my Squirrel Name.

what's yours?

(thanks to Roberta (aka 'Princess McTwitch') at ChickenScratch for the link)

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September 13, 2004


On tribe.net, this was brought up and there were some great responses. My favorite is"Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death." -Auntie Mame, by Patrick Dennis

What is your favorite (perhaps original) “Life is a ______________ ”expression?

(courtesy of somanyquestions.com)

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July 03, 2004

another cool video

This is from one of the City of Heroes forum boards. Scroll down to "The Operatives in 'Sabotage'" and watch.

This looks like a really fun game! (yes, I realize that game play isn't going to be exactly as it is in this creative movie short!) :)

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May 08, 2004

one of these things is not like the others...

Naomi at Light & Darkness has a new game to play, and I'm on board.

Directions: You have to post three things about you. Two have to be true and one has to be false. The others have to guess which is false. That's it. You decide what you want to post. The fun thing about this is that you can throw those unbelievable truths in there that noone would ever think are true. Just depends how you want to stump us. After a couple of guesses are made, you can reveal the correct answer and if you want you can go into more detail about the truths.

I'll post my three things. In comments, tell me which one you think is false. Wednesday or so I will reveal the truth.

1. I co-taught an ESL class (English as a Second Language) when I was 5.

2. I drove to Mexico with some friends while I was in college, and was thrown in jail for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

3. I used to dance and sing for change in the halls of my mom's work when I was 6.

Stay and play, then take this to your site and let us know some true and false things about yourself!

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March 26, 2004

kittens and zombies (and dogs), oh my!

While avoiding clearing out the pesky back office, I came across a New Game!

"What do you do when you're an innocent young
pink kitten," purrs Matazone, "that's travelling
across a graveyard as dusk falls and then you get
attacked by zombies? You pull out a dog-firing
mortar cannon of course."

The Zombie Kitten Game, via the b3ta newsletter

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March 19, 2004

attack of the alien nuns!

This game is a bit more satisfying than the latest penguin game. Apologies to all devout Catholics in advance, remember these are alien nuns!

Kill all Nuns!

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March 18, 2004

new hot yeti/penguin action

Right here for those with hours of free time.

Billy, the clock's ticking.....:) I expect to see this on your site soon!

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February 26, 2004

a new take on an old game

A bloody take on Penguin Baseball... with land mines, too.

Somehow this isn't as mindless as just whacking the penguins in the first place. I guess I liked to pretend the penguins weren't getting hurt :) There is no denying it in this one. It's VERY bloody.

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February 20, 2004

I'm an over-achiever

look how quickly I fall into spending days on the internet now that I am not working. Oh wait, how is that any different than before?

This is a wierd little game, and I bet billy hasn't even seen it yet. Nyah, nyah :) You add pieces on the sides into the grow part of the ball and get points and bonus levels. The end is cool. Mind-numbing fun, that's all this is. It makes a wierd noise, too.

via b3ta, again

for one solution, keep reading.

drag these into the grow orb in this order: box, tube, orange ball, ladder, egg, mountain, fan, cog, cyclone, dish, black ring then TV screen

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