May 17, 2004

a day in the life of...

The long weekend is over! I didn't get any pictures from the hafla, alas, but it was lots of fun. The venue was different from the one I am used to. The one I normally go to is held in a Unitarian church, and is quite spacious. This one was held in the dance studio of the group hosting it. The studio takes up two rooms in an office complex that looks like it used to be a hotel. My teacher danced and, biased as I may be, she was one of the best ones there. I promise to get pictures from the next hafla, as I will be dancing in it. June 12 for all you DFW folk.

On the job front, I had an interview today. The only problem was the job requires 60% travel and I don't think that is a good idea for me and my house o' pets at this time. Otherwise it was a wonderful fit. I am not afraid enough or desparate enough to take it yet. I really want a good fit. I am also working on some self-employment ideas with some girlfriends of mine. I believe this is an opportunity to shape my career into something really fabulous and fulfilling. I am going to look at grants for women starting businesses and see what I can do to get something fun and fruitful (it's an "f" day today) going.

Lastly, I am still working out the kinks in this Texas Workforce Commission stuff. While in San Antonio, I missed a meeting that, honestly, I didn't know about. I had opened up so many envelopes from the TWC that I missed opening a few that didn't have checks in them. Big mistake. So I got a letter requesting I call by a certain date if I wanted to see my benefits alive ever again. The woman asked if I was out of town, and I said yes I was. Then I was grilled about how could I have gotten all my job searches in for that week, and what were they. I was good, and had gotten all the job searches done that I needed to. Well, this still means I was not available to work or interview, even though I could have been back in town in 4 hours. So I now owe one week's pay back to the TWC. Ouch!

They really give you incentive to get a job fast, if for no other reason than to stop having to deal with them.

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May 15, 2004

busy as a bee

It's a busy dance weekend this weekend. This afternoon I am going to my teacher's house to work on costumes, then we are all heading to a hafla in Grand Prarie. Long day. Tomorrow I am going to a dance workshop on arm technique. Between that and the exercises I have to do to strengthen my legs and abs to do backbends on the floor in 4 counts, I am getting in good shape. Who says exercise can't be fun?

I'll see if I can get some pics from tonight's hafla and post them. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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April 21, 2004

home at last!

I have many pictures of the riverwalk and of Fiesta, which was going on all week. Fiesta is apparently the San Antonio version of Mardi Gras, only the music is of a slightly different flavor. Otherwise, the same. I didn't bring home any beads or hats with doo-dads hanging off of the brims. Once I get the pictures downloaded to my computer I will post them in an album. I'll also recount all the trouble I got into adventures I had! I had a great time!

BTW, Ripley's Haunted Adventure? Lame-O! Don't waste your money. The coolest part was the guy out front on the Segway.

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March 24, 2004

dark night of the soul

Climbing out, I took another dip into that sludge. It's like quicksand, and the sooner I realize that the clue is to sit still and stop struggling, the sooner I'll get out.

Thank goodness for Anne's games, Ana's photos, Billy's happy days, Pam's humor and NakedJen's sunny outlook on life.

If I didn't mention you specifically, fret not. I still think you are special too! Consider this an impromtu Blog It Forward.

Thanks, guys.

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February 17, 2004


I posted this two weeks ago:

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

Try taking a leap forward in time to the point two weeks from now when some sort of fresh start will be required at work. Think now about how you would handle such an eventuality and try and establish your priorities. After all, it is time for a change, isn't it?

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January 29, 2004

et cetera

from Soulless, thanks! Another 5 questions. These I have put as an extended post since I wrote A LOT.

1. What is the title of your biography and what are the highlights on the dustjacket?
This was the hardest of all the questions. I have this hang up on naming things and will fret for hours over "the perfect name." Since I would like to post this sometime before the next milennium, I will go ahead with my first choices. A) Possessed by Demons (or Daemons) - because I have been told I am for many years now. B) Would you sit still? - because I don't spend much time on any given thing. C) What the Hell Are You Doing? - another thing I have heard a lot in the past few years. I would love to come up with a punny play on a song title or book but nothing comes to mind. D) Where do I go from here? is another one that works for me. I will probably revise this several times before settling on something. As to what hightlights would be on the dust jacket? I would avoid the CBS Afterschool Special descriptions like "One woman's journey through life and how she made good...blahblahblah." I want something funny. "From the time she was born, Ms. Holston was destined for mediocrity" or something. This was a really, really hard question for me. More later.

2. What book (or books) had a profound effect on you? No matter if you were an adult at the time or a child, why was the book so powerful?
--The Shining-taught or enhanced my fear. I still look behind shower curtains, even in my own house. I do not like to be surprised by monsters.
--Alice in Wonderland- here was a girl alone in her world and getting by by being clever. But it also gave me a DEEP love of puzzles and solving them. I believe this book affected me on as many layers as there are in the story. 1) I am alone. It is me and my wits against everyone and everything. No one is really on my side. 2) Things won't always make sense. Do whatever you want/think is right anyway. No one is really paying attention. 3) Be creative in your solutions. What is normal won't work. 4) It is everyone else who is crazy.
--An old college psychology textbook I found when I was 6 or so. It had a chapter on genetics, with a lovely explanation on dominant and recessive genes. I wanted to do work in genetics from that age on.

3. Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. How would you rank those cities? What are your criteria and what puts one higher in the list than another?
I had to decide if this was counting them as places to live or visit. The criteria is what is there to do there that will hold my attention for any length of time. Here goes.
1) Washington, D.C. Plusses-The Smithsonian! There's a lifetime's worth of stuff to look at there. Good restaurants. You can walk or do public transport everywhere. Minuses-politicians, high prices, and they aren't represented in the government so "no taxation without representation." Isn't that one of the reasons we broke from England in the first place???
2) New Orleans. Plusses- marvelous history and architecture. Magic. Voodoo. The tomb of Marie LaVeau. Crawfish. Other food. Darkly mysterious. Minuses-below sea level and falling. humidity. decay. It is a vampire town that feeds on the blood of the tourists. Otherwise it is truly a decaying shell.
3) Las Vegas. Plusses- Lots of good shows (Penn & Telller!), lots of things to do. You can do something at any time of night. In Nevada, so not too far from the Burning Man Festival. Not too far from California and Washington, or Peuget Sound. Minuses-tourists. gambling (I don't care if others do it, but I don't think it is too fun).

4. One of my most irrational fears is that this whole computer industry and internet thing will just go away. Assuming there were no more computers, what would you do for a living?
Good question! The short list: sculptor. geneticist. forensic pathologist. crime scene investigator. comic book/strip author-artist. librarian(!). teacher. antique book seller. curio shop owner (think Needful Things). Metaphysical shop owner. massage therapist. counselor. detective. something creative.

5. Why is evening your favorite time of day?
Evening is my favorite time because it is the most magical and tingly time. Bright daylight is for work and sports, picnics, family. Deep night, 3 am or so, is for allnight movies, bars, drinking, basically abusing the body. Twilight into darkness is when I (in theory) have no responsibility to anyone but myself and can do whatever I want. Twilight, when the first star is visible for the night, is meaningful in Judaism as the end and beginning of the day. Holiday begin at this time for them. Plus-Halloween in an evening thing. Shadows come out and fun happens. So in a nutshell-magic and unlimited possibilities. My mind opens up then.

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