April 12, 2007

greetings from sunny San Antonio

I am in San Antonio for the Texas Library Association annual conference. Holy cats! It's huge! I am having a fantastic time, dampened only by the passing of Kurt Vonnegut, American icon. At the TLA "sock hop" tonight, the DJ played Intergalactic (by the Beastie Boys, for those of you just tuning in) in honor of Kurt.

I have eaten, well, probably no worse than usual lately but I fully expect to come home 5 pounds lighter from all the walking (and dancing) I've done. The Unshelved guys are here and I am supposed to hear them speak at the closing luncheon. Wish I'd brought something for them to sign. Other than the library's copy of the Read Responsibly poster. Wish I could find their booth so I could buy something for them to sign for me. I also heard Isabel Allende speak this morning and she is my new hero. This fiesty Chilean woman has overcome adversity and still maintains a high level of passion for life. And Antonio Banderas. But who doesn't? :)

Jennifer is already abed and I am trying to figure out what I want to go see tomorrow. She has something at 8:30 so we are getting up early again in the morning.

Pictures forthcoming. I left the camera cable at home, drat! But I got to ride in a stretch limo tonight. Fantastic! And I've met some great people. I love this conference. :)

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June 13, 2006

moving right along

Thanks to all who wrote with their well-wishes. :) I started the new position yesterday. When I arrived, my co-worker had spent the weekend removing everything from my new desk, including the computer and books and even the shelves on the wall behind the desk. My first day was spent putting stuff back in the desk. People were kind enough to bring me the boxes from their hiding places. They kept asking "did you find everything?" when in fact I had no idea for the most part what I was looking for.

Our public services manager started yesterday too, and she's a really neat lady. I think she's going to work out just fine. One of her first orders of business is to replace me on the media desk. Keep your fingers crossed that she finds someone who fits in really well. I'll miss working out there, though. Cassandra and I are quite a team! Of course, sometimes it's better if we aren't sitting together :) We have way too much fun at work, if that's possible. Well now she has someplace to hide when the wierdos show up. And they will.

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May 11, 2006

No news is good news?

I have been very quiet because I have been really, really busy. Really :) But the good news is that I am the top choice for a higher position where I work now. Better pay, better hours. The downside is that it isn't doing desk work with the public, helping them find books and learn how to use their computers, but the big picture is that I will go back to doing those things once I get my degree. This new position will help me with that goal by presenting me with opportunities to learn how libraries are run and to meet key people that I may work with later in life. I think all in all it's a good move, although I'll miss working the desk with my evil twin. Who would have guessed I'd find someone so much like me to work with (in the good ways). She is different from me too, in ways that complement my work style. We keep each other going throughout the day. She is encouraging me in this as well, that's how cool she is.

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December 02, 2005

by the way...

Gentleman's Quarterly is a monthly magazine.

I find that amusing.

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