April 24, 2008

stormy weather

How did you all fare last night in the storms? What crazy weather we've been having lately. All things around the U.S., both natural and man-managed, seem to be going bonkers. The airlines, the fuel prices, the weather. Crazy.

I went to see Kids in the Hall last night, and they ROCKED! (is that an old person's term now? -eep!) So very funny. They are markedly older, as was the crowd, but wow they still have it. Now to find the tv show on DVD and re-watch them all...

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February 24, 2006

busy, busy, busy

It's been crazy busy here, mostly with work but also with rehearsals and things like New Employee Orientation (NEO). Clever, eh? heh. anyway, I still have some articles to finish and I am way behind on them so I'll leave you with this. I keep seeing ads for online dating sites all over tribe and gmail, etc. Let me just say that the people in those ads DO NOT use these services. They don't need to. And if they do need to, well think about what else must be wrong with their personalities or mental health if they aren't finding dates in the real world. You are not going to find an Angelina or a Brad look-a-like on Match or eHarmony.

'nuff said.

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August 06, 2005

where do we go from here?

I'd like to say I've been busy, and technically I have. Life happens. I say that a lot lately. I have been feeling particularly empty, and therefore nothing I think about saying here seems terribly important to pass on. I may stop that soon, if I thought people would put up with my using this as a journal that goes deeper than just what happened in the news and what is new in the job search. For the latter, it's a lot of the same as in the past few months. Interviews but no hires. I'd like to think it's the economy and not my glaring lack of skills, because I don't consider myself particularly unskilled. However it is also selfish to blame the economy entirely. I am sure the truth lies somewhere in between.

Anyway, until I am ready to spill my soul a little more, here are some really cool links. I am going to see The Brothers Grimm when it comes out, despite the fact that Terry Gilliam should have cast Tim Roth and Gary Oldman (of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead fame) rather than Matt Damon and Heath Ledger. However, Heath looks like he is growing up to be an incredible actor like all my other favorites. I didn't notice it was him until the credits rolled, and that is ALWAYS a good sign. I like actors like Gary Oldman, Dustin Hoffman, and Val Kilmer who care enough about the craft to blend into their work, not needing to stand out and be recognized until the movie is over and you find out it was them all along. I love that.

So, go check out the Brothers Grimm trailer, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
While your sound is on, go watch the flash animation of Maxwell's Silver Hammer.
And for more flash animation fun, go watch all the Foamy the Squirrel cartoons. Great for those times when you are in a cynical dark-humor mood. :)

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April 05, 2005

job and dance news

I have missed you all, I feel like I have been away forever. Life has been busy here. The most important news is that I was called in for an interview with the content editors at Hilton Corp., then called in for a second interview today. There are only four candidates left, including me. They hope to make a decision by next week. This has, of course, preoccupied me along with some freelance work I had to finish up and need to get paid for. I have been hesitant to mention it so I don't jinx it. Here's hoping it all turns out for the best.

Meanwhile, RIP Terri and Pope John Paul II. Also I will be dancing at Constantin's on Midway Sunday night, one routine only. Still, fun! The next hafla is April 30, and I hope to participate in the DFW PURE. We have our first rehearsal coming up in a couple of weeks. If any of you are interested in learning more or helping out, drop me a line. I think that's all the dance news I have for now. I just realized I haven't changed my desk calendar from March yet. Sheesh, time flies.

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March 07, 2005

Monday, Monday

The weekend is over, the dance has been danced, and we are all resting now. Personally, I'm sick and I don't like it one bit. I am sure once my body discovered the stress from rehearsals was gone it relaxed enough to let the bug loose and make me feel like crap.

So, nothing erudite or enlightening today. At least for now.

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October 28, 2004

His sister is a thespian, and he masticates in public!

I hate politics.

The reason? People go insane when discussing politics. Myself included. We hear what we want, we believe what we want, and we think everyone who disagrees with us is an idiot. Or you get people like me who try to please everyone and end up pissing everyone off. Bah!

My cello teacher when I was in junior high school had a policy never to discuss religion or politics. I see now how wise she was. She wasn't going to be convinced to change and knew she wasn't going to convince anyone else. Sad, really, because people who refuse to be convinced are closing their minds to other possibilities. I have very specific beliefs, but they are always open to examination. If they don't survive examination, then they didn't have a very strong foundation in the first place. Take abortion, for instance. Hot, hot topic. I am pro-choice, even after examining all the evidence I can find and being grilled by my highly intelligent devil's advocate friends (why are all my friends like that?). If my beliefs can withstand that kind of pressure, I know they are solid. It's one reason I love rational debate.

What we are seeing in a lot of places is not debate. It is not rational. It is emotionally charged propaganda. Now, now, propaganda has a bad rap for being "lies" but that isn't true. Propaganda is any statement made to sway a person or group of people to one point of view. It's got nothing to do with lies, but much propaganda stretches the truth, knowing the average consumer won't check the facts. Those same average consumers are not taught or encouraged to examine the facts for themselves....assuming they can even find out what the facts are these days!

I don't guess I have much of a point here except to rant about politics in general and why I have a hard time with fanatics on both sides of the fence.

Speaking of abortion, no matter who tells you what it always boils down to faith. Faith in your deity of choice and whatever punishment or praise It metes out to you for your life choices. Faith in science. Faith that a book (any book) written by men is infalliable and is the thought of their god. I can say that I believe that the soul doesn't enter the body till the second trimester, after the cerebral cortex is developed. Someone else may say that the soul enters the embryo when it is just an egg with a sperm-head in it. Someone else entirely may say there is no such thing as an immortal soul. None of us can prove our beliefs. Therefore it is a matter of faith. I don't want my government legislating my faith. That's what it boils down to for me. Even if I am "pro-life" (which implies the other side is "pro-death") I still don't want my government legislating my faith. I don't want them forcing me to have kids any more than I want them forcing me to abort my children. But that's me.

I have gone on too long here, but you get my point I think. If not, I'll try again tomorrow when I have had plenty of sleep.

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September 10, 2004


This week has been garden beautification week at the Twilight Cafe. After helping my mom plant a bajillion iris last week, I was given several of my own to plant. She did come help me. We partially cleared a couple of beds and planted them. They are black (purple, really) and brown and yellows. Then mom got some cannas in and shared with me. I spent yesterday making another bed near the front windows and this morning planting 5 bulbs. I am sore. Let me rephrase that. My right arm from the shoulder to the wrist is sore. The rest of me is fine and I feel like I need to go work out my left arm so it isn't left behind in the great muscle strengthening of '04 :)

Does anyone know what would be good to plant if I want some color this fall? Is it too late?

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August 25, 2004

it's hot!

It has been a mild summer here in North Texas so far. At least until yesterday. Temps were above 100 F. Now usually by this time we have had 45-60 days of temps around or over 100. So I should be thankful I suppose. But it's hot now. Seems this is the time I need to be running around too, or at least find myself outside walking way too much. Perhaps I am outside no more than normal, but the heat, the oppressive heat, is reminding me how unused to this I am.

I was thinking of upping my exercise, but I also think I have lost 5 pounds in sweat alone the past couple of days. Maybe I'll just wait another week. Or two. :)

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July 26, 2004

now I know I was born under a lucky star

I found my camera. Outside. After a couple of good rainstorms.

It still works.

All bow down to the greatness that is Kodak :)

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July 20, 2004

Oooh, dearie me!

Several things to talk about, and no time (as Graham Norton likes to say).

No time to talk about Ahnuld and his girlie men comment. I am still working on what I think about this. I think Schwarzenegger was just stupid to make the comment, but I also think the Dems who are focusing on the comment rather than the issue at hand are using Arnold's distraction tactics against him. We'll see what happens. I bet this is a non-issue by the end of today even.


Finally, Eric Idle has a new song about the FCC that will cost him a pretty penny if it gets airtime :) Download The FCC Song and give it a listen! BTW, listen with headphones, it isn't terribly work safe. :D

More non-news later as it breaks, or I take a break. Now scoot!

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