January 18, 2005

void where prohibited by law

A friend sent me this link to a page of disclaimer stickers to go in your science text books. I think we should come up with some ourselves. I'll post mine here in a few.  Meanwhile, someone suggested I have a set of disclaimers of my own, as well as a user's manual. Somewhere in there would be this advice:

In case of PMS or severe headache, administer dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) immediately and then back away. Slowly.

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November 04, 2004

in the aftermath

I get a copy of Todays Papers in email each morning. It's a little synopsis of what was in the major papers for the day. Today's title was, amusingly, Dubya Dubya II.

I also read a couple of William Saletan articles this morning that may be of interest to Democrats who are in a particularly foul mood after the re-election of Bush. The first one is called Democratic Values, and discusses how best to win some of the red states back. The second is called Simple But Effective, and proposes that we change our stance and message yet still keep the values we have now, to a degree. Obviously we need to look at what we are doing here. Saletan is a big Edwards fan, and he has an excellent point in pushing Edwards up and avoiding emotional hot-spots like Hillary. Edwards can do the job, he says, and appeal to the average man. He may have a point, there. We don't have any business alienating anyone else. It's all a matter of perspective. We don't think ourselves far lefties, but the neo-cons do. It's worth looking at what we are saying, how we get our message across, and what we really want and need from our government. We have 4 years to get our act together.

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