April 02, 2004

new linkage

Matthias comments on Real Live Preacher's site, but I had never linked to him before. I think I will now, at least for a bit, after reading this account of a man and a rabbit.

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March 15, 2004


The TypePad Index

I've been wishing someone would do this! There is a search function, too.

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March 06, 2004

testing moving audblog from one blog to another

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

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March 01, 2004


I scanned some sketches from one of my old sketchbooks today. It's over there on the left in the photo album section.

Here's a closer link: Sketches

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February 26, 2004


I am waiting on your sites to load *again* today!


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January 21, 2004

comment spam again

For any of you who have had comment spam recently, Brenna at TypePad has recommended just banning the ips for now. You do this under the control panel. We are following progress in the TypePad Users Group, but no one has a less tedious way of fixing this yet.

Good luck, and if any of you find a way to block these spammers nicely (neatly, not politely), give me a shout. Thanks :)

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January 16, 2004

oh happy day!

First, I was just reminded Monday is a holiday in the trading sector, so I may have a day off, woo hoo!

Secondly, with the help of the Type Pad Users Group (I cannot recommend this enough) and an angel named bogie, my comments don't bleed into the margins anymore. Hooray! Leave me a comment and see. :)

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December 10, 2003


Lunchtime, and I am attempting to create a static area with "today in history" info much like Doc's quotes. I am still having a time of it, but I will get it working soon. Sooner if I didn't have much work to do that actually pays me. :) I also added a link to syndicate this site for all you who like to have your daily reads all in one place. It is down on the right, under the "add my to your blogroll" link.

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December 01, 2003

you like me, you really, really like me...

Yours truly has been nominated at Wizbang for Best Female Authored Blog! *blush* I have friends in high places, thanks Captain! I have no idea how they determine a winner, but we will see how it all turns out. If I find a way to vote, I'll let you know (if you would like to know). The rest of the blogs listed are great reads, I am going to spend some happy time perusing their sites.

addendum: Okay, if I would pay attention I would see that Wizbang will be setting up polls on the link above sometime soon, probably after nominations are closed.

post-addendum: I didn't make the cut for the nominee list, but other good people did. I encourage you to vote for Witt and Wisdom for best humor weblog. I have to make sure I am not drinking anything when I read his stuff. Seriously.

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